Steering & Suspension Repair

Steering & SuspensionWhen it comes down to a vehicle’s performance, your brain probably jumps to the obvious things like horsepower, handling, 0-60 acceleration, and the rest of the stuff that gets bragged about in car commercials on television. But what does any of that matter if you can’t control your vehicle? The simple answer is that none of it does. Your car’s steering and suspension systems are every bit as important to the handling and drivability of your vehicle as the flashier, TV-ready stuff. If you need steering & suspension service or repair in Seffner, FL, you know you can trust the experts at Sammy’s Auto.

Steering & Suspension in Seffner FL

The basic function of your car’s steering & suspension systems is to allow you to control the vehicle and to have the wheel and tires move independently of said vehicle. The driver controls the vehicle with the steering wheel, which is connected to the steering column through a series of pivoting joints. This is where the suspension system comes into play. Connected to the steering column, the suspension system allows the driver to turn the wheels of the vehicle without turning the vehicle itself; basically allowing the wheels to meet the road while the vehicle remains on the straight and narrow. The way these two systems work together is a thing of beauty, and servicing them is a delicate task best suited to the experts at Sammy’s Auto.

Suspension Service in Seffner FL

So how would you know if you need steering & suspension service? Well, if you are keeping up with your preventative maintenance, you most likely don’t as we check and adjust the steering & suspension as part of our overall maintenance checks. But if you haven’t been keeping up, here are a few ways to tell if you need steering & suspension service:

  • Your car pulls to one side when driving
  • You feel every bump in the road
  • One or more corners of the car droops
  • You have problems controlling your steering wheel
  • You have oily shock absorbers

If your car is experiencing any of these issues, you’ll want to bring it to the pros at Sammy’s Auto before a small fix turns into an expensive repair.

Steering & Suspension Near Me

As complex as your car’s systems are, you won’t want to trust any service or maintenance to just any auto service shop. Instead, if you are in need of service or repair, bring your car to the ASE-certified professional technicians at Sammy’s Auto. We have dozens of years of shared repair experience and can get you back on the straight and narrow in no time flat. Make an appointment with Sammy’s Auto today!

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